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Garlick Environmental Associates, Inc. is a multi- faceted, fully-insured professional consulting service providing:

Ecological Services

Wetlands jurisdictional delineations and mapping
Dredge and fill licensing and permitting
Natural resource assessment, evaluation, and monitoring
Restoration and mitigation issues
Threatened and endangered species inventory
Upland habitat analysis assessment

Marine and Aquatic Services

Marina siting, planning, design, and permitting
Other coastal shoreline stabilization structures, dredge and fill project planning, design, and permitting
Water quality monitoring and analysis
Submerged land leases
Construction management and coordination

Archaeological Services

Cultural resource assessments
Archaeological phase II assessments
Archaeological mitigation
Archaeological monitoring

Land Use Services

Land use planning and zoning issues
Developments of Regional Impact (DRI's) and other specialized development issues
Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessments
Environmental audits
Construction management and coordination